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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 17, 2013

Today is Knitting Guild night. They are selling tickets to our Spring Banquet. Good food and good times.
I made 3 more charity bears, just need to stuff them. I have number 4 on the needles so I'll finish them all later.
That will give me the dozen I need for our club project.
Got a bonus at Knit Night last night. One of the ladies brought in a bunch of yarn-coned and skeined.I chose some for charity projects and hexipuffs. There was a nice skein of a raspberry colored acrylic I may make something for great grandaughter with. Very pretty.
Have a top for her still on the needles I need to finish. Hands hurt so am taking a break with the small projects.
Here are my great grandkids, Trystan and Trinity. They are who I knit for.

A top for Trinity and a summer sweater for Trystan. More coming for summer soon.

My grandson wants a hoodie so as soon as I can get yarn for it, I will start one for him. He is a big boy. Wears a size 18 top. I need to find the measurement equivalents for this size. I will make him a Wonderful Wallaby. It looks just like a sweatshirt so he should like it. I will use easy care yarn as I'm sure it will be washed and dried a lot. He is a busy kid!

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