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Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 18, 2013

Just got up to the yoke on the top for Trinity, be done soon. Made a 4th bear last night at Guild. They need to be sewn and stuffed when the top is done.

Warm but cloudy today. I hope it doesn't rain. Spring has finally arrived1 The forsythia bushes are such a bright yellow they match my daffodils! The magnolia trees are in full bloom as well as the cherry trees. All the trees are leafing out too. It's so nice to see new growth and bright colors.

Found 2 bags of a DK yarn in an olive green. They are about 2800 yards total for both bags. I can make myself a sweater when I have time.

I talked to the yarn rep for Lucci Yarns about test knitting again. She said she'd set me up with yarn and pattern ASAP. She showed me a new yarn with tiny pearl beads on it that was gorgeous! I like test knitting the shop samples as it's worth my while.

These are two sweaters I made for myself. The pumpkin colored one is bulky weight yarn and the denim colored one is a fingering weight yarn. I love them both!

Have a nice day Folks!

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