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Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

Sorry about the wrong dates posted lately. Today is sunny but cold out. My heat keeps coming on! So much for a New England Spring. Working on the second strap of the sling bag. Photo later today.

I wonder what I'll knit next. Maybe another sweater for Trystan. Then I can send them out to Arizona. I made two tops for baby sister Trinity so I think big brother Trystan needs two tops! I have plenty of cotton yarn so I just need to pick a color and I'm good to go.

Need to make some hexipuffs too. My bag of them is getting full! I have two kinds that need to be separated into two bags. There are sock/sport weight puffs and worsted weight puffs that are a little bigger. The smaller ones are stuffed. The larger ones are not.

I was thinking back to when I was a child and walking to school. Why were schools built on hills? It was brutal walking up the hill in the snow. Not so bad the rest of the year. I walked with my friends. We all met on the corner of my street. It was a long walk. We didn't have crossing guards. We would shuffle through the leaves in the Fall. We would run past the haunted house. Don't know why it was a haunted house but we were afraid to walk by it. When we got to school we had to separate our little group. Boys went to their schoolyard and we girls went to ours. We had different doors to go in and out of the building too. We ate in our classroom at our desks and went out in ll kinds of weather twice a day for recess. We girls had to wear dresses. It got very cold in winter walking to school. Our legs would be freezing! Some girls wore pants under their dresses but you had to take them off in the hallway downstairs before going up to class. This time of year we would cut out tulips and little dutch boys and girls from colored paper to hang in the windows. Seems like the windows had something taped in them all school year. We had lunches packed by Mom from home. Good, wholesome food. Fruit and a sandwich and as a special treat we would get cookies too. Lots of trading of lunches went on. Some kids ate PB&J sandwiches everyday. Some ate Spam sandwiches or tuna fish. My favorite was balogna with mustard on white bread with no crusts. We got milk in school for a quarter a week. It was always warm so I would bring a little aspirin bottle full of chocolate milk powder to put in the carton of milk. Shake it up good and the milk was drinkable. I still hate warm milk! We had one teacher and stayed in the same classroom all day. Until grade 4. Then we had sewing. The boys had shop. We made a drawstring sewing bag from gingham check fabric in grade 4. We had to embroider our initials in cross stitch on the bag. I had to keep ripping my stitches out and redoing them until the witch thought they were right! She was a very mean teacher. When we went to sewing machines in grade 5 she would crack our hands with a wood ruler if we didn't use the machine her way! We made white muslin aprons with a pocket. These aprons looked like something from little House on the Prairie or the cooks in Downton Abbey. We had to embroider our initials on the pocket again. I had to rip out a dozen times until she liked it! Grade 6 we made a skirt and blouse. I still remember mine. A lilac gathered skirt with a waistband that had two hook and eyes to hold it closed. The blouse had tiny lilac flowers on a white background. The blouse had a peter pan collar and bust darts and buttons with buttonholes. Those buttonholes had to be done by hand. The witch almost crippled us with that ruler. The holes were all bloody. Not one of us escaped that ruler doing buttonholes! I hated sewing. I did not sew anything until I had my kids. Then I got a portable sewing machine and sewed all my kids clothes. I even sewed clothes for myself. Today I have 6 machines including a serger and a computerized machine that does embroidery too. A felting machine and my husband's Grandmother's old Singer cabinet machine and my old portable one. Almost forgot my Mother in law's cabinet machine. They all work. That witch teacher would be so surprised that I became a seamstress! I sew and quilt and made a line of cloth doll patterns I'm thinking of reviving for sale.

Do you remember your grade school?

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