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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24, 2013

Goodmorning. First a photo of Trystan's sweater in progress.
I just separated the sleeves from the body.
I am going to crochet a sling bag that, hopefully, will be like the knit sling bag I made. When I finish, I will post the pattern for free.

This morning a friend directed me to a crochet blog. I looked and found that a woman was selling other people's patterns as her own. The reason it was caught was she used their photos! She didn't even have the smarts to crochet her own samples in different colors, etc to throw people off! I hope she gets her blog removed and is prosecuted for copyright infringement. This is so WRONG.

I had a very enjoyable time at Knit Night yesterday. It was like a black cloud was lifted off the group. With a member that was causing problems gone, everyone was much more relaxed!

My free patterns are not tested. What I write is what you get. There may be mistakes. I do the best I can. If I develop patterns for sale, they will be tested and in each size. They will be fully written out. They won't have the "shorthand" my free patterns have. I hope you will like them. They will begin appearing in a few months time.

For the sling bags I am using cotton from my stash. You can use any worsted weight yarn you like.  I like the ruched bottom of the bag and hope to be able to do the same in the crochet version. I think I will put the sweater on the back burner and work on the bag today. You should have the crochet pattern in a day or two.

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