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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 25, 2013 Free Pattern

 Yesterday I crocheted. I ripped out. I crochet. Rip out. Time after time trying to get the ruching to look like the knitted one. I have 2 rounds to go before I see if I got it!!! I may have to admit defeat and do something else if it doesn't work out, I am using a size I hook. I will post again later on the status of the bag.

 Finally got my dress for the wedding! Floor length. Got a pretty short sleeve thin sweater to wear over it.Got black wedge flipflops with rhinestones on the straps. I am doubting the dress now, Perhaps I should return it and get a silky top to wear over my black dress jeans. Hubby says keep the dress. Son likes the dress. Think. Think. Think.

I got a message from the woman who posted the link to that crochet blog yesterday. Blogger is investigating. The lady posted the link so others could go and see if she had stolen any of their hard work. Glad she is being investigated. She needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Nobody likes a thief or liar. That woman is both. The English on the site sounds like a second language. All I can say is check to make sure your things are not there!

Making a pattern is hard work and very time consuming. Hopefully I'll have a photo of the bag in progress. Have my fingers crossed on this one as the next 2 rnds will let me know if I did it or not.

I think I got it!!!! Happy dance time! It's going well this morning. I should have the pattern ready to post by tomorrow. This works out well as I am starting a test knit and the deadline is just over 2 weeks for it 
Crochet Sling Bag
Size I hook
worsted weight yarn- I used cotton from stash
 Ch26, HDC in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across-24 HDC, ch 2 turn
HDC in each HDC acrocc, ch 2 turn at end of each row.
Cont in HDC until rectangle is as long as you want bag to be . Mine is 11 inches
Last row, do not ch 2. Make 2 HDC in last st to turn corner, work in HDC down long side, 2 HDC in last st, work across other side of foundation ch, 2HDC in last st, work across long side, join and ch 2.
Now you work in rounds. Work 1 rnd in HDC do not inc in corners. Always join and ch2
Next rnd- DC in next st, 2 DC in next. Rpt these 2 sts around.
Next rnd-2DC in each DC around
Next rnd, DC in each DC
Next rnd- dec every st
Next rnd-dec next st, DC in next st  repeat around
Mark 4 corners
Work 2 rnds even
Next rnd -DC around, dec 1 st in each corner and dec 5 sts on each long side
Next rnd-work even
Next rnd-DC around dec 4 on each long side
Next rnd- work even
Work even until desired length wanted
Working on end only, DC in 24 DC, turn work even
Next row-DC 1, dec 1, work in DC to last 3 sts, dec !, DC in last st Turn
Repeat last 2 rows until 8 sts remain
Work these 8 sts until half the length of handle wanted--I worked 15 rows on mine
Work other side to match. At end of last row, fasten off leaving long end to sew two handles together.
Sew in all ends. Work a round of SC on each half of bag. Fasten off. Sew in ends
Enjoy your bag

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