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Thursday, April 18, 2013


April 19, 2013

Today is my friend's birthday! We may not have seen each other for some time but that does not matter. We talk online. We have known each other for at least 50 years! We went to school together and had husbands and kids. Now we have grandchildren together. We still knit and crochet. We still read mystery novels. We grew up in the same Boston neighborhood. The bombings took us aback! We never imagined that type of carnage striking our hometown. Our hearts were deeply saddened by this tragedy.
Life was really much simpler when we were teens. There were drugs around but we never bothered with them. We would drink on occasion and get sick from it. We were not angels by any means but we never hurt anyone. We would walk all over Boston. The Charles River and the Park were some of our destinations. Friday nights we went to China Town. Bob Lee's Islander was our restraunt of choice. Great decor and food. Usually we only spent $5 !! and that included the tip.
We played jumprope as teens, mostly double dutch. We belonged to a group called the Debs and had sweaters made with that on them.  We were lucky to be able to go anywhere we wanted by walking or the trolley cars. Boston had lots of museums, theaters, of course the Library and many restraunts all within walking distance. There was a YWCA just a few blocks away that had a pool. They also held Friday night dances. Our neighborhood center, The Ellis, kept us off the streets from 6-9 weeknights. Nancy, the in charge lady, gave us many opportunities we would not have had otherwise. I thank her for that.
We were boy crazy! Just like girls are today. Glad we didn't have much time to act on it!
We survived and grew up. We married and had families and worked all while doing our best. We taught our kids respect for people and things. We wept as friends were killed in Vietnam. But, we never forgot where we came from as the friends and family surrounded us with love that we still feel today.
I almost forgot how much we loved to play Whist and Canasta. Loved playing cards and were good at it.
My friend I wish you a long life filled with love. Happy Birthday, Brenda!

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