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Friday, April 19, 2013

Today's news continued April 19, 2013

Living on the coast of New England all my life makes the sound of a foghorn very comforting. With all the brouhaha going on in Boston this morning, comfort is needed.
What is going on in those kids brains? Shooting a Campus Cop. Then one of them being killed in a carjacking shootout with the Boston Police. Now the remaining suspect is being hunted down in the surrounding areas. So sad-all of it. From the bombings to the killings today. No public transit in Boston today. Please let that suspect be caught soon without anymore harm to anyone.
Very foggy this morning and in the 50s already! Be careful today. Have a good day.
 Just heard the suspect is from Russia and has been in the USA for about a year. What a way to thank America for taking him in! Jerk!!!!

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