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Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 11, 2013

Today is the day before Mothers Day. It is miserable out. I hope tomorrow is better so we can cook out.

My sister is coming down for the wedding on Thursday this week. She made me happy when she said we could go to the Webs sale on Sunday! I thought I would miss it this year as my friends are going up on Saturday while I'm at my son's wedding. I need some lighter weight yarns.

I am almost done with the test knit. Finished the back last night. Have to re-knit the left front and put it together. Once it's blocked I'll take photos. I really like it. Can't believe I made that glaring mistake way back when. Well that's what I get for knitting in my almost sleep!

One week from today my son will be a married man! I am so happy for him!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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