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Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3, 2013

Washed all the windows and put up new blinds and curtains yesterday! After, I went the yarn store and rewarded myself with a knitting mag, a crochet mag and a baby knits book! Oh, almost forgot, I got a skein of Plymouth Gina to swatch with. Long color run like Noro but it's an acrylic.

Happy Birthday to my friend Courtney!

Lots of knitting to do today. I want to finish the front of the test knit and start the back. It moves along quickly when I have time to sit and knit.

My cousin liked the 2 market bags I made him. Must remember to ask him to take a photo since I forgot. May be time to make some new ones for myself too.

Trystan's sweater is coming along too. Almost to the bottom ribbing.

Can't wait to finish this test knit as I want to wear it! This is a busy weekend for me as I have my future daughter-in-law's wedding shower on Saturday and my buddy, Princess Ava's 3rd Birthday party on Sunday. Busy, busy, busy as a bee! Wait! Do we still have bees?

Hope you all have a good Spring day!

I finished the front and realized there is a mistake on the left side- a big one. Must rip back to fix it. Will knit the back first though.

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