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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 7, 2013

Been busy knitting like crazy the last few days! I want to get this test knit done. Almost to the armholes on the back. Finally! The front is done but I ripped back one side to fix a mistake. Will re-knit that when back is done. Have yarn to make 2 more of these. Very nice well written pattern by Triona Designs on Ravelry.

My son's wedding is almost here. 11 more days to go!!! So excited!

I think that guy offering a burial plot for that terrorist should rethink his offer. That terrorist should NOT be buried on US soil. He proved by bombing this country he has no like or respect for it so why should we keep him on our land! Find another country to take him. We do not want to harbor terrorists either dead or alive! I can only imagine how much worse the bombings would be if they hit the esplanade down the Charles River on July 4th! Many more would have been killed and injured. This terrorist must be put out of this country now and not be buried here for any reason. His brother terrorist should be executed as soon as his trial is over. Don't wait 20 years to do it!

On a lighter note, I am happy those 3 women were able to escape their captors. What is wrong with men that do these things? These men should receive a death sentence too. We should carry out the death sentence in a timely manner as it once was. In doing so it may deter all these crazies from doing these things! Prison no longer is punishment! They have sports, work out rooms, libraries, college classes, internet, tvs, and so much more! How does having access to all that punish them or give then any reason to think they did something wrong? What's wrong is the taxpayers are footing the bill for all this! Wake up America!

Off my soapbox now. Have a good day!

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