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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there!

I have been knitting on that test knit and working on two gifts, one knitted and one crocheted, this week. They are all coming along. Just finished the waist shaping on the test knit so its getting closer to being done. I must admit that I prefer sweaters made from the top down. They are a much faster knit, lace and all.

Want to go yarn shopping soon. My stash is down to bare bones. Need DK yarns. Found 10 skeins of sock yarns I forgot I had. It's Knitpicks so its not the greatest stuff but passable. I no longer buy from Knitpicks since the credit card fiasco at the new year. They were hacked at Christmas but never said anything until February. I am still waiting to be notified by the way.My bank cancelled my credit card as there were thousands of dollars charged in Europe. Poor way to do business. They should have notified customers immediately.

I may go fabric shopping to make new project bags. I have a few purses in mind too. Will need to buy more heavy duty Pellon for them. I like Equilter for fabrics. Luana Rubin is an honest business woman.

Take care until we meet again.

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