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Monday, June 10, 2013

Land of the living

Hello, I am finally back in the land of the living. Still have a cough but do not feel dead anymore. That cold came on so fast and hit so hard I was really out of it. Now my Hubby has it.

My birthday is this week, my grandson's birthday is today as was my Daddy's and my sister is Friday. I hope this gloom clears by Wednesday so we can cook out.

New test knit. Have gone beyond the ribbing. Into the third 12 row lace pattern now. Easy knit so far. Will be at shaping waist darts soon.

Looking forward to knitting Guild this month. Plan on learning Brioche st as I am having a very hard time trying to learn it on my own.

I sent the great grandkids their summer handknits and added a sling bag for Mom. Hope they arrived safe.

Kind of at a loss for words today so this is it. I will leave you all with a question. How and at what age did you learn to knit or crochet or both?

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