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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last night was Knit Night. We had a good group show up. My friends think an Etsy shop is a good idea for me. I picked up some cloth yardage the other night at Joann Fabric. 

Started another sling bag, slightly different from the one I posted here already. It's in a green colored cotton yarn. I do not want to line this so I am using a small needle for a tight fabric. Hope it works. I will have to line it if it doesn't.

My son and his wife have started moving out. I have mixed emotions. I am happy for them but sad they are leaving here. I guess it's time as he will be 30 in the Fall. My baby will take over the room for her lizards. She has 4 large tanks. They take up most of her bedroom so it will be good to move them.

Gtandaughter and me. Taken a year or two ago. She is the only grandkid that lives near me. I am very close with her. I took care of her while her Mom worked when she was small. I miss her as a little kid! She was a lot of fun! She has grown into a wonderful young woman. I am proud of her!

Today I begin my studio cleanup. I need space to sew. I set up assembly line style. I will move certain stuff to bins in the basement. I did find some projects in baskets yesterday. One is my dancing lady pins. Many bodies sewn but not many stuffed. A few even have embellishments done. Will keep that basket upstairs to finish. There is a stack of cut and washed and ironed fat quarters ready to go! They are part of the assembly line so they stay. Many shoeboxes of ribbons-move. Two storage sets of drawers to empty and move. Mailing boxes to move. Need to find a space to store my foam blocking squares. Lots of embellishing stuff to move to bins. Too much stuff!

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