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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Today is a slow, sleepy one. Been up for hours and outside of finishing off a baby sweater, I have done nothing. Oh, I was on the computer checking out Etsy and Paypal and even designed new business cards at Vistaprint. I looked through over 50 pages of project bags and did not find any like mine. Found lots of drawstring bags but they are not the same. The price ranges and sizes of the bags were amazing!

I am looking forward to the Dr Who fabric arriving this week. I plan on making bags with it. I am also toying with accessory bags for keeping scissors, markers, and needles in. Perhaps I should think about needle bags for both straight/dpns and interchangeables. Crochet hook cases may be an idea too. But, first the project bags.

I like steampunk look so may make a few bags in this idea.  My fabric stash is really big and I have many colors and patterns to choose from but I do need to add some new "trending" fabrics like owl prints, Victorian/steampunk prints, mid-century modern, etc. I saw some robot fabric and thought it was cute.

I only use 100% cottons for bags and nylon webbing for handles. I use a medium to heavyweight clear vinyl. The small bags use cloth wrist straps as the webbing would be too heavy. The large tote bags have webbing in the handles. I usually cover it with a matching fabric.

I need to wash and iron fabric this week as I will start bag making. When I have 20 done I will start the Etsy shop.  I have decided to call it Nilmpurg Forest Designs so I can carry more than bags. I may ressurect my doll patterns and even sell my finished Victorian Father Christmas dolls too. Not sure about all of this yet but my head is spinning with new designs. I may put a few fish bags online as well. They are small but great to hold scissors, needles and other small tools.

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