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Sunday, July 7, 2013


This heat is wrong even for New England! It should not be like this for another month! The humidity is high too. Makes life outside damn near impossible!! I can't breathe in this weather without the air conditioner! How do folks down South do it?

Been checking out Etsy stores to see what's selling. Been washing and ironing fabrics, in preparation for making stuff. Cut into my treasured Dr Who fabric. I will make two bags from what I cut. The Dr fabric will be the front and a co-ordinating fabric will be the back. I will use a matching fabric for lining. I have heavy duty interfacing for in between the layers. Need to find my zippers.

Knitting baby stuff to be sold. Baby stuff seems to be a big seller everywhere! Told my sister she could make stuff and I'll sell it for her. Her crochet work is exquisite! Working up a pair of booties at the moment. Thinking of cutesie packaging for them. Will post a photo of the finished booties when done.

Stay cool and hydrated!

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