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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nice day

So far, today is a nice day. No humidity. the windows are all open to let the fresh air in.  Think I will do some sewing today.  Made a mitten from memory last night as a friend has my mitten book. It came out good. I started the mate to it. This pair is for Wyatt. The next pair will be for the Princess. Then I will make some for sale. I have the chenille Little Man sweater, a bib and the mitten working! Multiple WIPs !! First time in a long time I have more than one item working at a time.

Tonight is knit night. Looking forward to it. Tomorrow is road trip to Lion Brand!!!! Can hardly wait! Had the nerve blocks done yesterday. Only change is the palms of my hands are itching like crazy! Hands still in pain. Will make booties later. That will be a test to see if hands hurt when I crochet. Hope the block worked and my hands won't hurt. I can deal with pain, but my hands were really hurting when I crocheted!

Off to make coffee and sew. Later----

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