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Saturday, August 10, 2013

new Little Man sweater

Made of cotton chenille. Came out very nice. The true color is beige. The buttons are light green.

Went to my friend Danielle's today for a cookout. Had a good time. Hamburgs and hot dogs--YUM!!! She gave me a bag of knitting and crochet magazines. There were some I did not have so I kept them. I put the rest in a bag to take to Knit Night.

I'm working on a baby sweater and pocketbook slippers. I have one slipper done and started the second. I am doing a black pair but my sister said to use colors. The pink pair I made her gets lots of compliments every time she wears them. She lives in Maine so they get a lot of use.

If I don't burn out, I'll have a decent inventory for a Fall craft fair! Almost forgot, made 3 pair of fingerless mitts. Was not crazy about them so will use my own made up pattern instead.

I am keeping the Etsy stuff separate from the fair things. Made a black and white pair of Princess Frou Frou booties. Love how they came out! The black fur looks great! No photo yet. Made 3 pair booties yesterday. Love making them!

Started checking out fair venues. Most are hundreds of dollars! Plus you need liability insurance which adds a hundred bucks to that! Will need to build up much more inventory to do a show like these!

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