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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The festival was a waste of time. Mostly jewelry. Found 3 clothing booths, 2 were commercially made clothing that they tie dyed or painted. The 3rd booth had lovely handcrafted child's clothing.

I did get some ideas on how to set up a booth and how NOT to set up a booth. I have set my sights on doing a few big shows for 2014. Need to save up for the booth rental fees. Need to make about a thousand bags and several hundred needlecases.

Making kid sweaters. Finally made some labels to sew in them. They came out nice. 1 1/2 inch square to sew in at the bottom front of the sweaters. I hate tags on my neck so thought this would be better. They have my name, email, what the item is made from , washing instructions and a small American flag at the bottom. Everything the government says you must have.

My machine just went in for a tuneup. Over a hundred bucks but worth it! Can't make inventory without a good working sewing machine.

Off to do some more studio cleaning.

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