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Monday, October 28, 2013


The weekend was not a good one. Fibro was acting up and was in a lot of pain. Did get almost to the bottom of the test knit sweater though.

Looking for a new knit night place for the first time in 8 years! The new manager does not seem to want us there and after being crammed at one table last week it has reached a peak. Nobody purchase anything this week so he can see what he will be losing.

I think I will look for a project to be used as a knitalong for next year for knit nights. Not too hard but challenging for all levels.

Been downloading shawl patterns from Ravelry. I swore I would not make any more shawls but I miss them. Need to finish the test knit first.

Halloween in a few days. I do not give out treats anymore as it seems like there were only older out of the neighborhood kids coming and they came late- after 9. We used to get tons of small kids but that stopped when my baby reached high school age. 12 years ago. Wow! I stopped treating 6 years ago. Mostly older folks left in the neighborhood now.

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