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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Beware of Dragons!

I finally finished the dragon hat. Let me begin at the beginning-- I had this thought that kids like dragons, Sounds simple enough. Spent a whole day researching dragon lore and images before coming up with an idea. Sketched out a two-dimensional face and then tried to translate that into a 3D dragon hat! I stitched and I ripped all day finally had several pieces made. Did the same the next day. Then I began putting the pieces together, adding fiberfill where needed to maintain shape. Snout, nostrils, eyes, eyelids, ears, spikes and horns all started coming together to make a lucky {red} dragon hat!  I did not write a pattern as it is a one of a kind hat. I will make more dragon hats but not the same.

Here is the finished hat to fit a child from about 4-7 years old. Very proud of him! He is machine wash and dry too.

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