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Friday, January 10, 2014

This and that

Today is very gloomy out. It's been snowing off and on.  I am knitting yet another baby sweater for sale. I need to rest my fingers from crocheting hats!

I was browsing on today. I have to wonder what possess' people to use certain colors together? Have they never seen a color wheel? If I am going to take a big chunk of my time to knit or crochet an item, I want it to look great! Spectacular! Not horrible or even middle of the road acceptable. Why would you make something in narrowish stripes with various colors of variegated yarns? Mess!!!! One variegated stripe between two solid color stripes of a like color looks good. A red ombre with a brown ombre and a green or orange print all stacked one atop another looks like dog barf! I saw hats, mittens and sweaters made like this! I pity the child that has to wear those items in public as they should cause much teasing by other children!

Neon colors are not stylish on middle-aged folks! Why would a grey haired woman wear a neon green and orange sweater? Maybe for the same reasons they wear those ruffled scarves! Look in the mirror people before gracing the world with your presence!

Made some more animal hats-monkey, hippo, penguin and frog

The frog has a bumblebee on his tongue!

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