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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another snow day/ free pattern

Woke to yet another snowy day. Now it is freezing rain coming down coating the snow. The State is effectively shut down. Schools are closed. Have not heard or seen a plow on my hill yet.  

I think a free pattern may perk things up a bit-- Child's Earflap Hat

Approxiamately 100 yards worsted weight yarn= number 4 weight Small amount contrast color

size H hook

Make a magic loop and work ch2, 11 dc in loop. Tighten and join with sl st, ch2. NOTE ch2 does not count as a stitch.

2 dc in same sp as ch2, 2dc in each st around, 22 dc. join and ch2

2 dc in same space,* dc in next st, 2 dc in next st,rpt from* around. join and ch2

2dc in same sp as ch2,* dc in next 2, 2dc in next st, rpt from* around. join,ch2

2dc in same st, *dc in next 10 st then 2dc in next st, rpt from* join ch2

2dcin same st*dc in 11 then 2dc in next.rpt from * join ch2

2dc in same st *,  dc in 12,2dc in next.rpt from* join ch2

2dc in same st,*dc in 12, 2 dc in next st. rpt from* join, ch2Now work even until 14 rows from beginning. End off. Join earflap color in any st and work 10 sc,turn dec work 6 sc dec (8sc)

Work one row even. Next row-dec work 4sc dec (6sc)

Work one row even. Continue in this manner until 1 st remains. End off. Fold hat in half with more towards the front. Make second flap to match first one. With contrast color work 1 round sc .

Cut 8 pieces of yarn about 30 inches long. Cut in half. Take one of the halves and use a hook to pull through point of earflap. When loop pulled through is long enough pull yarn ends through the loop and tighten. Do same to other flap. Fold hat in half so earflaps are together and trim fringe evenly. Sew in yarn end inside hat. 

You may make pieces to turn hat into any animal you wish. Enjoy and have fun being creative!

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